Now What IMers?

want to have my own online Internet Marketing business and join the ranks of successful IMers but…

  • I can’t…
  • I don’t know…
  • I don’t understand…
  • I’m confused…
  • I’m so stuck…
  • I…

Well, I think you get it so… Now What IMers?

Now What IMers
Your Website Should Earn You Money… NOT Cost You Money.

Well, let me shed a little light on the above scenarios for which some of you hopeful IMers reading this may or may not have completed the sentence.

For all you IMers who are serious about building your very own profit-generating Internet Marketing business, and acquiring the elite status of Internet Marketers (IMers as I prefer to refer to “us”), to borrow the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Ours not to reason why ours but to do and die.” — Ah, sorry Alfred but your words of wisdom only partly apply to us IMers. As professional IMers we are bound to become natural doers – but must always, not only question the “Why” but learn, understand, and put to use the reasons “Why”.

Here’s the thing though, none of those concerns mentioned above have a leg to stand on. Instead, you should let your inquisitive-other take over and start putting to use the wonders of the simple yet very inquisitive (there’s that word again) adverb “HOW”.

Instead of the negativism of “I can’t…”,  try “How can I…?” for a change. Instead of “I’m so stuck…”, give “How do I…” a shot at it for a change. And, of course, this magical “How” will open doors of knowledge and opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

That’s all fine and dandy, you might say (quietly to yourself), but not knowing the “How” is exactly the reason I cling to that negativism. And hey, that’s very understandable – been there myself. So let’s venture and see what ideas pop up that will help you drift away from the “I can’ts…” to the “How can Is”.

Where To Start?

That’s an easy one… Your friendly internet search should be not only your first choice but most definitely your first thought. It isn’t much you can’t learn by going to this amazingly rich source of information. Heck, I completed a full six semesters of college – all but a math lab online. Of course, there’s no lack of poorly provided (to be kind) information, so “Be Aware”. Let’s not forget about all the “gurus” promising to share “their secret” to becoming wealthy.

So let’s clear the air before you go any further… YOU are the Only secret to your becoming wealthy – no one else (unless of course, you get lucky and have (financial) wealth handed to you on a silver platter). What are the chances of that happening? You be the judge!

Health, Wealth & Romance
The True Value of Creating Wealth

What is the true value of creating wealth and how does it really impact other aspects of your life and lifestyle? Read HERE what relationship wealth creation has to health and romance/relationships in general.

This brings me to my main purpose and goal for writing this article in the first place. I know, from personal experience that building an Internet Marketing business (much less one that is profitable) and becoming a full-fledged IMer is no walk in the park. The first obstacle you’ll face is that of building your own website to promote yourself and your products.

Just remember that “Your Website Should Earn You Money… NOT Cost You Money.”

Although for the most part, we no longer need to concern ourselves with writing or even understanding HTML code (I’m sure that by now you’re at least familiar with this “most dreaded” acronym) there are countless other hurdles and obstacles you will need to overcome. That will be when it’s most crucial that you put your inquisitive “How…?” to use… No fear… No Shame!

Let’s get back on track… Long story short, you need help and you need to have that help come from like-minded folks – other IMers. You also need, and this is very important and most important to your success, a system. But you shouldn’t and MUST NOT just settle for any system. You need to be able to work with a system that will work for You. One that is time-tested and that will take your needs, wants, and goals into full account.

Today you were blessed… I want to introduce you to exactly this type of system… No, I’m no “guru”, I’m just like you – maybe just a step or two ahead, still learning but more than willing to help any way I can.

But first, you need to be truthful with yourself and answer the following 5 simple questions:

  1. Am I ready to succeed?
  2. Am I committed to succeeding?
  3. Am I willing to abandon or ignore “all” negativism?
  4. Am I willing to apply the inquisitive power of “How…?”
  5. Last but not least… Am I ready for A Better LifeStyle?

Your website must consist of ALL winning elements necessary, from the domain name and hosting to content and layout and YES support…

What you are about to discover…

will provide you the help and resources you will need to succeed in creating Wealth… in creating A Better LifeStyle for yourself and your loved ones. It will provide you a step-by-step tutorial that will lead you to your goals. It will also include a community of like-minded IMers who are waiting for you, ready and willing to use their time and expertise to help ensure your success – myself included and other than to know you have a better chance to succeed, we benefit none. We hope and ask you do the same for someone as you learn and grow your Internet Marketing business and join the ranks of IMer (Internet Marketer).

Best of all, you can get a taste of all this for Free!

All you need to do now to begin that new phase in your life and take the journey into the world of IMers – Successful IMers – is to:

  • Make sure you have been honest with yourself in your answers to the 5 questions posted above…
  • Commit…
  • Take that ever so crucial first step and click on the link below
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Here’s a special gift for you…
Now What IMers?
Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship

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The Road to Achieving

Having achieved and accomplished an aim or objective…
How about?
The achievement of desired visions and goals…The Road to Achieving

Then There’s TED…
Feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect.

Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Yes, we’re talking about The Road to Achieving Success”. Striving towards achieving success in Health, Wealth & Romance is the best path to enjoying            A Better LifeStyle.

According to some, success is simply waking up in the morning with a smile on your face. While to others, it’s a measurement of one’s degree of happiness with their life (or lifestyle). Yet, some say it consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.

The list of thoughts and definitions of success is endless. Nevertheless, when it all comes down to it, there is only one way to define your success and that’s Your own way. The above definitions are unquestionable proof of that. One’s status in life, rich or not so, is virtually irrelevant. Like the saying goes, “One man’s rags are another man’s riches”.

Success need not, and should not, be defined nor limited by a person’s ability to obtain the material things he/she desires in life but rather by the degree of happiness achieved in their life through all three aspects of Health, Wealth  

The Road to Achieving
& Romance/Relationships.The Road To Achieving

It’s a choice, one for which You and Only You are responsible. You choose and decide what it takes to make YOU happy – no one else should do that for you.

Unfortunately, we live in an era where happiness alone will not feed you, nor pay your bills. It’s easy for those who have already achieved “their” (financial) goals in abundance to promote the idea that achieving financial success does not equate to happiness in life when what they should be offering is an encouragement to those who aspire to improve their lifestyle.

Success by any definition is a journey, one in which it is more likely to encounter difficulties and obstacles, beyond the imagination, than it is to experience gratification. Enough to destroy any hope of achieving even the smallest degree of realizing your dream for A Better LifeStyle. It’s not a journey you want to engage in if you’re not prepared mentally, physically, and equipped with the proper tools to undertake the challenges that lie ahead. It’s not a journey you wish to take if you lack the determination to pursue your dream without regard to failures you are almost certain to experience. It’s not a jaunt to embark on if you are not willing to “only” look back to learn from your mistakes and failures… not to have regrets.

The road to success is not for the undecided, the insecure, nor for the weak at heart; for chances are you will face many heartbreaking & lonely moments throughout your journey.

The Road To AchievingAre You Ready to Follow YOUR road to Achieving Success?

Prepare Yourself For Your Journey…
If You Are Serious About Achieving Success and A Better LifeStyle.

This Time-Tested System Will Guide You Through Your Journey…
But Only if You Follow it.

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When’s Her Birthday?…

A Quick Tip…

What’s her favorite color, her favorite food, song, movie…? The list of things you want to make sure you know about her is endless.

However, the one thing I can bet you won’t get right is… When is Valentine’s Day?

Wait, did you say February 14?
Yep, you sure did. But why would you even begin to believe that you got it right? Could it be possible that that’s one (just one) of the reasons why your relationship has headed south and it doesn’t want you to follow? Let’s try once more, only this time be serious—give it a bit of thought (for your own sake)… When is Valentine’s Day?

Hey now, there you go, see I knew you’d get it right the second time, knowing “your own stake” had been put on the line. Of course, in her mind, every day should be Valentine’s day. That’s why you can always find flowers and an assortment of chocolates in every supermarket and department store… To remind you!

So now that that’s been cleared up, what are you waiting for? Why are you still here reading this (not that I don’t want you to keep reading)? You do want back in her heart—Don’t You? OK, so you don’t have to run off to get her choc or a flower bouquet but believe me as soon as you have an extra 5 in your wallet be sure that’s how you invest it.

Women are complicated…

This is common knowledge. In my 41+ years of marriage(ah huh, to the same girl), if there’s one thing I’ve come to decipher is that they just love their chocolate and can’t resist a surprise flower gift (even a single rose—or whatever her favorite flower may be will suffice).

Other than for my 4+ decades in a single marriage I make no claim of being a relationships expert. So I’ll leave the judging of my advice to you. Like I mentioned earlier “it’s your own sake that’s on the line”.

I will say this, though, if there’s still room in her heart for you there’s not a minute to be wasted.

You do want to keep in mind that although the flower(s) and chocs might be a “trailer pass” (meaning a short preview, just in case you didn’t get it) back into her life, the keywords that will seal the deal are “Confidence & Trust”. No matter how much (many) women like and want to hear sweet talk… They want to know that their “man” is confident and trustworthy.

With that thought in mind, make sure that your approach before, during and after portray you as “her” confident and trustworthy guy and not just some hopeful, wishy-washy, wannabe lover-boy that can’t deal with the loss of his sweetheart.

Armed and Ready

Now you are armed and ready… go make the kill —Not Literally. Show her that you care, that you do remember those important dates—especially Valentine’s Day, that you love her, that you miss her (remember, no wishy-washy stuff), and show her that you ARE “her” confident guy and one she can trust. Go do your thing… Don’t forget to come back and let me know how it goes.


SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle


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The “Magic” to Win Her Back

Relationships are not always easy but then again neither is breaking up. So, now you know, after trying for some time, that getting the “love of your life” back isn’t just a walk in the park. Nevertheless, you’re not ready to throw in the towel and that, more likely than not, is what has led you here – your determination to get her back for good this time, and you ask yourself…

What will it take?… What IS the “Magic” to win her back?

You may believe, like so many do, that magic is something mystical and beyond understanding or explanation. On the other hand, you might well be in the group that sees magic as simply trickery of the eye and swiftness of the hand, for which of course there is always a solution.

Regardless of your view of what is magic – whether something enchanting or a mystery to be solved – I assure you, winning back the love of your life has nothing to do or is in any way influenced by supernatural maneuverings or magic tricks.


We need to give merit to the magic in some words (the Zip… the Zap. & the Zoom), which without fail may help.

The Zip

A “must have” for any lasting relationship. Could this “Zip” be what lacks in your relationship lately? Has the bottom suddenly fallen out of what was once going along so incredibly swell?


Has the flame of love been slowly fading in recent months? Have you spent time together enjoying a romantic dinner out? Then, of course, the all mighty magic of “the touch” – Can you recall the last time you found each other irresistible and couldn’t keep your hands off one another.

How can I put the Zip back in after the fact?

The Zap

You start by putting some Zip into your own life. Take a good hard look at yourself – not just a mirror look… A Real Look. Add some sparkle to your life, tidy-up your image a bit, add that needed boost to your confidence (gals love confident men). Revive the lively, energetic and active guy she once knew. Chances are that your actions will not go unnoticed, if not by design, you share a similar social circle – which will help drive her insane with curiosity.

Next, be aware of the shape you’re in – be sure to make it the best shape of your life. Can you shed a few pounds or ad a little tone? No better time than now to get on with it. Treat yourself to nutritious meals and plenty of water. This is the “magic” you’ve been searching for. Next time you cross paths (and you will – thanks to that close-knit social network you share) you want her to see the healthy and happy “YOU” she “likey” still longs for.

Don’t hold back…go ahead and do a little pining (you know – some yearning, longing, and what the heck, while you’re at it, show some regret – what can it hurt?). And just how much pining am I willing to do, you ask? Well, “this is where you need to get down to where the rubber meets the road”. In order to regain her love, you have to first regain her trust. She expects it and it will only make her the more curious to want to know why you’re feeling and looking so good – better than ever.

The Zoom

This is definitely Not the time to cave-in to grieving over her – instead promise yourself that you will live your best life with or without her. Don’t think of it as moving on with your life or giving up hope of getting her back. This is how you will show her that you don’t NEED her – while she, on the other hand, is, more and more, realizing just how much she needs you and can’t live without you.

Understand and acknowledge that relationships are not always easy but then again neither is breaking up. Open her eyes to the fact that you are making it without her and you’ll build the stepping stone to a healthy renewed relationship. Chances are in your favor that she will make the first move – leaving you with the simple task (the icing on the cake so-to-speak) of convincing her that rekindling the relationship was all her idea: That, my friend, is where the true “magic” lies.

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You Have The Capability to Be Successful – Here Is How…

There is most certainly no shortage of gurus who market their awesome “secrets” to become wealthy.  Although without question some of the information they offer is helpful, it usually falls short of offering a satisfactory set of methods that really matter for the average person to reach his/her personal goals to achieve wealth. It is risky, partial-truths and that’s not what most people require to become wealthy.

Refrain From The Cloak-and-Dagger Act

Recognize that You, and only You, are YOUR “secret” to great wealth and success. YOU must make the choices… YOU must make the decisions… and YOU must act on those choices and decisions. Then, and ONLY then, will the success you desire in your life be achievable.

Hold that thought and let’s work a bit on how you can put YOU to best use to reach your goals, be they better Health, achieving Wealth or improved Romance.

First Things First

As I have mentioned in previous articles, you need to recognize the relationship between Health, Wealth & Romance. To borrow from Frank Sinatra’s Love and Marriage song – “You can’t have one without the other”. Some may think they can and that’s where they are mistaken and go wrong. It ALL boils down to You – Your choices, Your decisions, Your actions. You can settle for a role as an actor or take the lead role of protagonist, however, it goes without saying that you really Must take on the role of producer in this so important story. Only then will you take control of YOUR life’s outcomes.

You Are The Target

Many wealth education programs being offered by “gurus”, whether online or offline, are nothing more than targeted collections of marketing tools and gimmicks (and You Are The Target), incomplete, discouraging and, much too often, will not lead to achieving personal financial success. What you need is to learn to put yourself in the game so that you can separate the beneficial systems and information from those meaningless ones.

What You Need:

• A way to distinguish between the beneficial and the meaningless systems-That suitable for YOUR needs and personal goals.
• How to build the foundation (personal and/or business): One with a Time-Tested Structure.
• How to locate a Time-Tested System for building your wealth… Must offer the best wealth building methods.

Attaining such knowledge puts you in the driver seat and on the right path to success – skip deceitful tools, “guru” gimmicks and trickery…

You must make the choices… You must make the decisions… & YOU must take action.It’s all up to You… It’s that simple and straightforward!

You are the “secret” to YOUR wealth building success – All else is only a vehicle… of which YOU Must be the driver.

• Marketing tools are just a mechanism – essential to wealth building – YOU are the causative factor.
• These tools alone are of little use if You don’t acquire the skills and have the motivation required to succeed.
• You need a comprehensive and meaningful system that provides a step-by-step wealth building blueprint.
• The “secret” of wealth creation is nothing more than Your choices… Your decisions… and Your actions.

Wealth Is Not Only a Financial Ideal

You determine what is “Wealth” to You based on Your own ethics, morals, beliefs, needs, wants and YOUR interpretation of Success.

But Why Not… Turn Your Passion Into a THRIVING Online Business?

SamMi C
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