One Truth to Balanced Relationships and A Better LifeStyle

The modern world is so hectic and fraught with responsibilities and stresses that we quite often forget we are alive, that we are supposed to be enjoying our lives and that we only have one life to live. A common misconception nowadays is that each of the three main aspects of our life – that is to say Health, Wealth and Romance/relationships – need to be kept isolated for them to work out properly. However, this is not the case, and the pursuit of either singularly in any significant degree usually results in our becoming farther away from our goals than we were to begin with! So what is the One Truth to a Balanced Relationship and A Better LifeStyle?

That truth is found in harmonising each of these aspects, Health, Wealth & Romance/relationship, in balance with each other; it is the only way to make things work. Consider romance, for example. You think that the pursuit of relationships or fixing one that’s broken will give you a better lifestyle – but does it? If you start neglecting your health to diet so you are as thin or thinner than the next person – does that make you more attractive? Or are you more attractive if you simply are yourself? Is it better to spend all of your time with your new partner, thus neglecting your work? Or should you try to balance these aspects so that they feed and stimulate one another rather than take away from each other? Finding the balance of all three aspects is what will lead to A Better LifeStyle, better relationships and more romance in your life – rather than needlessly throwing yourself down paths which are not right for you and may, if anything, be harmful in any or all aspects of Health, Wealth & Romance-relationships.

The thing is…

One Truth to Balanced Relationships
One Truth to Balanced Relationships

Love usually happens when we are busy doing other things – and that is the way it is meant to be! Getting out to work in different locations is how you meet new people! It’s how you open yourself up to new experiences and new friends. New friends are how you develop new relationships and so on. Only by focusing on things like our health and well being, and by improving ourselves for our own benefit, can we learn to attract new love into our lives.

If a new relationship isn’t what you are after – then perhaps you need to focus on the development of old love. Think hard about your family and those closest to you. Do you spend enough time with them? Do you still buy your wife flowers for no reason? Or treat your boyfriend to a romantic meal for two just because? Love is in all of the little things, romance is in the gestures… A Better LifeStyle starts with your attitude, so focusing on your relationships and the balance you maintain within them will expose you to greater levels of well being and a Better LifeStyle in general.

For further information about how each aspect ripples through your life, you can read this article about the interconnections of Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship. Once you have a clear understanding of the One Truth to a Balanced Relationship and how each element affects the others you can begin to work on improving your life and lifestyle overall, and not just in one particular area!

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