How Belly Fat Affects Your Health – and How to Lose it

When we hit our thirties our bodies start to go downhill – this is a known fact of life. You will find yourself forced to go to the gym (probably against your will), you will need to watch what you eat maybe for the first time ever, and you will find that every single square of chocolate needs to be paid for in pure physical hard work… and working out is hard just to lose belly fat you have unwillingly acquired. If you ignore this simple fact, you will soon find out for yourself just How Belly Fat Affects Your Health.

How Belly Fat Affects Your Health is No Dilemma

Weight Loss is Never Easy…

More often than not it requires a dedication and commitment level that most of us struggle to active. The first thing you have to do to combat weight loss is to assure yourself that you are going to do it. Make a deal with yourself to work out once a day and then stick to it. Monitor your portion sizes and make yourself accountable. Before long you will start to notice the changes.

How Belly Fat Affects Your Health
The Spare Tire

The Worst Part of it All – The Spare Tire…

Everyone starts to get it after thirty. The problem with belly fat is that it is of a different type than the rest of your body. While any fat under the skin is known as subcutaneous; belly fat isn’t. It is known as Visceral fat, and Visceral fat is particularly dangerous because it grows around the internal organs instead of under the skin.

Fat surrounding your internal organs is more difficult to shift than other types, and it is for this reason that your spare tire takes the longest to get rid of. If you don’t shift it, your risk of heart disease and diabetes skyrockets – and that’s not counting your increased risk of certain types of cancers due to that extra Visceral fat you are carrying.

When it Comes to Belly Fat…

Understanding how belly fat affects your health is essential to enjoying a Better LifeStyle, yet far too often it’s not of enough concern to many. There really, however, only is one solution if you want to extend your life – and that is to lose belly fat… but how? Fortunately for you we have a few pointers. The first step to burning off that belly fat and leading a happier, healthier life starts with a proper diet and of course exercise. Exercise doesn’t need to be hard and strenuous but “Are you getting enough of it, and if so – are you getting the right type to shift those extra Visceral pounds?”

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Just in the nick of time we have the answer. Using some of our tips and a little of your own wisdom, you could start to lose belly fat and get on with improving your health today! Once you have made that commitment to yourself and you are ready to proceed with the next step, you should visit our Best Belly Fat Plans page which will introduce you to one simple Japanese trick that will help you with weight loss, fast!

Visceral fat is poison to the body, it will affect your health and eventually affect the people that you love. Don’t leave yourself open to the risk of heart disease, cancer or diabetes – do something about it now. Don’t let how belly fat affects you health determine your lifestyle. The secret to changing your life for the better could lie in something as simple as this short two minute video. So give it a try… what have you got to lose but a few pounds?

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