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The Amazon Echo Dot…

Amazon Echo Dot
Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Smart Speaker with Alexa – Only $39.99

Is a new, next generation device that has been specifically designed to interact with your Smart home. The Echo Dot can control a whole array of things inside the house that will save you time, such as operating lights, blinds, TV, Phone, making hands free calls or texts and a half dozen other pretty smart things that you never knew you needed until now. This Amazon Echo Dot review will shed some light on why so many people are finding out they can’t live without.

But Seriously…

We went into this product review half-heartedly at best. Switching on and off our own lights has been a lifelong habit, and we were not convinced that getting a machine to do it for us was going to be purposeful… nor did we think it could change our lives for the better. Fortunately we were pleasantly surprised, and the Dot turned out to be one of those products that, once you have it, you can’t live without it.

The best thing about this product is its ability to hear you from anywhere in the room. If you talk loudly enough Alexa will answer and do as you have asked. At first it was a little strange, but after a while you get used to the electronic voice and it becomes a sort of home based Sat Nav. It’s also more than just a helping hand around the house – it’s a tool to help improve your life with.

Take  Stephen for Example:

He has a terrible habit of losing his keys. After a week living with the Dot, we realised that Stephen could tell Alexa where he placed his keys when he came home. So the next morning when we were hurrying around getting ready for work, Stephen could simply ask where his keys were, instead of having to search through yesterday’s pockets to find them. It makes your day easier, it makes normal living that little bit faster. Ultimately, this is a product that saves time, meaning you get to spend more time doing the important things like family nights and enjoying one another’s company.

In an age where we have the entire knowledge of man online, yet where we use the internet to look at cat videos – the Dot is ingenious.

–  When watching a film and you see that actor whose name you can never         remember – ask Alexa.
–  When you need to plan a route – ask Alexa.
–  When you can’t remember when the bills are due – ask Alexa.

When you have one of these in your house you don’t need a calendar or a diary because she remembers everything for you.

This product really reflects the leaps and bounds of advancements we are making in AI responses and really makes us think about how we can apply that technology to our day to day lives. Think of the amazon Echo Dot like a car; it is a tool to get you from A to B with ease. It is like having the entire knowledge of mankind in a box in your house and being able to ask it anything you want to at any time.

Of course, you could just be like Stephen and use it to keep track of your keys…

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