Letting Go: Good Idea… Bad Idea? – You Decide

Here are two opposing views on Letting Go. One makes an argument that it’s Not A Weakness, while, on the other hand, the other offers reasons why it’s a Bad Idea. Both speakers offer strong and specific examples to support their beliefs.

Watch the videos and YOU be the judge as to which route you feel or believe is the best route for you in your journey to achieving long-lasting Health, Wealth & Romance and A Better LifeStyle in general.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

Letting Go Is Not a Weakness

Jay Shetty
Published on 27 Jun 2016

Now and again the progressions we don’t need are the progressions we require, to thrive and develop. Self-awareness and change can be awkward at times, yet nothing in life is as difficult as remaining stuck where you don’t have a place. The hardest part about developing is giving up and moving far from our customary ranges of familiarity and proceeding onward with something untried and new.


Why Letting Go is A Bad Idea

Isaiah Hankel
Published on 4 Feb 2016

You have the ability to change your mindset in life at will. Don’t surrender this ability to antagonistic individuals or troublesome conditions, ever. Rather clasp onto it by making a move to enhance your concentration and your state of mind. Here are three tips offered in the video that will enable you to quit feeling rationally frail and begin feeling rationally solid when troubles arise.

1. Stop waiting for help.
2. Refocus your mind towards your strengths and away from your weaknesses.
3. Take responsibility for all of your failures and mistakes, all of them.

Now, as they say… The Ball is in Your Field and it’s time to decide.

Whatever your decision, it’s imperative that you keep in mind that it will not only affect you but, more likely than not, it will also have an impact on the lives of those you know and love.

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