Wealthy Affiliates Review – in Brief

An Insider’s View

Wealthy Affiliates is an online Internet Marketing Affiliates program that seeks to pair those with little knowledge with those who have lots of experience in the hopes that together we will all make more money. It is a sound idea with a good online platform wherein users can grow and learn together. From those with no experience (like myself) to those with all the experience – Wealthy Affiliates caters to everyone, and can make a difference in the income of anyone who holds a web domain. This  is a Wealthy Affiliates Review – in brief, from an insider’s view.

Internet Marketing has taken off in recent years, with most big brands attributing more than half of their annual advertising budgets towards digital marketing over television or radio. In fact, 2018 is set to be the year that the biggest of companies finally spend more on digital marketing than they do on any other medium – and Wealthy Affiliates is a good program to be in at the moment, since it is capturing and capitalizing on a lot of that new online business.

So What “Are” The Pros and Cons?

Let’s take a look at but a few of the Pros..

Well, joining the Wealthy Affiliates program gives you immediate access to the combined knowledge of some 1.3 million users worldwide, all of whom are doing the same thing that you are. Having that network opportunity allows you to expand your business ideas by sharing your experiences with others (the WA community), and by listening to their views and opinions. If you are struggling to get started in the internet marketing business then the WA community is a fantastic resource towards achieving your goals.

The Wealthy Affiliates University, WAU, program covers education in a big way, allowing new members to ask away to their hearts content. It also allows them to learn through a series of guided training lessons and webinars all aimed at making your online marketing adventure a success. It encompasses websites, domains, hosting and all of the other aspects of online marketing that can present stumbling blocks to success. It is a great program that will help you make money online and hopefully one day to quit that pesky day/night job and yes, yes… Fire your boss!

Millions of people out there just like you – want to be successful in their own right too! The truth is that starting any business venture – whether online or otherwise – is going to take a whole heap of hard work. The Wealthy Affiliates program makes it that little bit easier to negotiate the online world and therefore get you started for real. It saves you the time of having to research things from scratch, and gives you access to a whole range of new thoughts and ideas. It also provides you with those all important connection opportunities so that you can work in conjunction with other like-minded people to make the most of your investments.

As well as educating you on how to make the most of your online time, the program can help you to find and access new markets. Your new connections will give you a new lease on business and aid you to secure new deals. It will help you get better google rankings, help you negotiate other advertising revenue streams and will be there for you to provide support when you need it.

As for the Cons…

Although minimal, there “is” a fee… and remember those business ideas I mentioned earlier – The down side? Ideas can be stolen.

Sorry, if I don’t have more to say in this regard but that is the truth, the whole truth & nothing “but” the truth!

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