One Truth to Balanced Relationships and A Better LifeStyle

The modern world is so hectic and fraught with responsibilities and stresses that we quite often forget we are alive, that we are supposed to be enjoying our lives and that we only have one life to live. A common misconception nowadays is that each of the three main aspects of our life – that is to say Health, Wealth and Romance/relationships – need to be kept isolated for them to work out properly. However, this is not the case, and the pursuit of either singularly in any significant degree usually results in our becoming farther away from our goals than we were to begin with! So what is the One Truth to a Balanced Relationship and A Better LifeStyle?

That truth is found in harmonising each of these aspects, Health, Wealth & Romance/relationship, in balance with each other; it is the only way to make things work. Consider romance, for example. You think that the pursuit of relationships or fixing one that’s broken will give you a better lifestyle – but does it? If you start neglecting your health to diet so you are as thin or thinner than the next person – does that make you more attractive? Or are you more attractive if you simply are yourself? Is it better to spend all of your time with your new partner, thus neglecting your work? Or should you try to balance these aspects so that they feed and stimulate one another rather than take away from each other? Finding the balance of all three aspects is what will lead to A Better LifeStyle, better relationships and more romance in your life – rather than needlessly throwing yourself down paths which are not right for you and may, if anything, be harmful in any or all aspects of Health, Wealth & Romance-relationships.

The thing is…

One Truth to Balanced Relationships
One Truth to Balanced Relationships

Love usually happens when we are busy doing other things – and that is the way it is meant to be! Getting out to work in different locations is how you meet new people! It’s how you open yourself up to new experiences and new friends. New friends are how you develop new relationships and so on. Only by focusing on things like our health and well being, and by improving ourselves for our own benefit, can we learn to attract new love into our lives.

If a new relationship isn’t what you are after – then perhaps you need to focus on the development of old love. Think hard about your family and those closest to you. Do you spend enough time with them? Do you still buy your wife flowers for no reason? Or treat your boyfriend to a romantic meal for two just because? Love is in all of the little things, romance is in the gestures… A Better LifeStyle starts with your attitude, so focusing on your relationships and the balance you maintain within them will expose you to greater levels of well being and a Better LifeStyle in general.

For further information about how each aspect ripples through your life, you can read this article about the interconnections of Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship. Once you have a clear understanding of the One Truth to a Balanced Relationship and how each element affects the others you can begin to work on improving your life and lifestyle overall, and not just in one particular area!

Wealthy Affiliates Review – in Brief

An Insider’s View

Wealthy Affiliates is an online Internet Marketing Affiliates program that seeks to pair those with little knowledge with those who have lots of experience in the hopes that together we will all make more money. It is a sound idea with a good online platform wherein users can grow and learn together. From those with no experience (like myself) to those with all the experience – Wealthy Affiliates caters to everyone, and can make a difference in the income of anyone who holds a web domain. This  is a Wealthy Affiliates Review – in brief, from an insider’s view.

Internet Marketing has taken off in recent years, with most big brands attributing more than half of their annual advertising budgets towards digital marketing over television or radio. In fact, 2018 is set to be the year that the biggest of companies finally spend more on digital marketing than they do on any other medium – and Wealthy Affiliates is a good program to be in at the moment, since it is capturing and capitalizing on a lot of that new online business.

So What “Are” The Pros and Cons?

Let’s take a look at but a few of the Pros..

Well, joining the Wealthy Affiliates program gives you immediate access to the combined knowledge of some 1.3 million users worldwide, all of whom are doing the same thing that you are. Having that network opportunity allows you to expand your business ideas by sharing your experiences with others (the WA community), and by listening to their views and opinions. If you are struggling to get started in the internet marketing business then the WA community is a fantastic resource towards achieving your goals.

The Wealthy Affiliates University, WAU, program covers education in a big way, allowing new members to ask away to their hearts content. It also allows them to learn through a series of guided training lessons and webinars all aimed at making your online marketing adventure a success. It encompasses websites, domains, hosting and all of the other aspects of online marketing that can present stumbling blocks to success. It is a great program that will help you make money online and hopefully one day to quit that pesky day/night job and yes, yes… Fire your boss!

Millions of people out there just like you – want to be successful in their own right too! The truth is that starting any business venture – whether online or otherwise – is going to take a whole heap of hard work. The Wealthy Affiliates program makes it that little bit easier to negotiate the online world and therefore get you started for real. It saves you the time of having to research things from scratch, and gives you access to a whole range of new thoughts and ideas. It also provides you with those all important connection opportunities so that you can work in conjunction with other like-minded people to make the most of your investments.

As well as educating you on how to make the most of your online time, the program can help you to find and access new markets. Your new connections will give you a new lease on business and aid you to secure new deals. It will help you get better google rankings, help you negotiate other advertising revenue streams and will be there for you to provide support when you need it.

As for the Cons…

Although minimal, there “is” a fee… and remember those business ideas I mentioned earlier – The down side? Ideas can be stolen.

Sorry, if I don’t have more to say in this regard but that is the truth, the whole truth & nothing “but” the truth!

Want to get the gist of what WA has to offer and for how much? Easy…
Just Click HERE.

Want to experience the WA success factor first hand… Check it Out HERE.

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Belly Fat Formula – Ab Cuts CLA | REVIEW

Get Fit With The Best Source of CLA

America’s No. 1 Fat Reducing Formula

If, like me, you’ve tried everything under the sun trying to drop that belly fat in search of those long lost abs you once may have shown off and are at the point where you no longer believe. This Belly Fat Formula – Ab Cuts CLA REVIEW, hopefully, will shed a bit of light for you on a product which……

This review, hopefully, will shed a bit of light for you on a product which I found has worked for me. Certainly, it could work for you too…

In effect this Belly Fat & Weight Loss Formula can and will do everything it is meant to do:
Belly Fat Formula - Ab Cuts CLA REVIEW

⦁ Help you get fit
⦁ Help you reduce weight gain
⦁ Help you reduce body & belly fat

However, you can’t allow yourself to fall into the unfortunate group of people who overlook and underestimate the need to compliment their weight loss product with some activity (alias exercise – no need for it to be extraneous) and other nutrient supplements they may be lacking.

My approach to grinding down those unhealthy and unwanted pounds, thus I recommend you do also is simple:Get Fit with Belly Fat Waist Trimmer

⦁ Start taking Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula together with Omega 3 Vitamin E.
⦁ Keep a consistent diet and exercise routine.
⦁ Combine your diet and exercise routine with the use of a Waist Trimmer (if it’s belly fat that’s getting in the way of your feeling fit and looking great).

Looking and Feeling Great has never been Easier!

The process is simple and Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula will get the job done for you…

The only thing between you and your feeling and looking great now is your drive and what actions you take.

About Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula: 

⦁ CLA is clinically proven to be a great source of healthy weight management… helps reduce body fat and maintain lean body mass.
⦁ Is your best source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid – a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy products).
⦁ Is manufactured in the USA and meets strict standards to ensure ingredient quality and safety.
⦁ Is non-stimulant and gluten-free.

Product Details:

⦁ Price: $12.29 (80 Counts); $19.99 (1120 Counts); $15.67 (120 Advanced)
⦁ Average Customer Review: 3.9
⦁ Currently, can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.

On the negative side, my personal rating is 4.o.

Why not a perfect five?

Because I’m not a great fan of taking pills or capsules. Although they are soft gels, I would much rather have it in liquid form.

Ultimately, I would recommend Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula all day to anyone who is serious about losing weight, feeling healthy, and looking fit.

Follow the recommendations above… Don’t Expect Miracles – Anticipate Results!

SamMi C’s AmaZonian Goodies
Lose Belly Fat Fast!

Start With This FREE & Simple Japanese Technique and Lose Belly Fat Fast!

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Belly Fat – Time For A Reality Check

Can Your Weight & Belly Fat Be Affecting Your Sex Life?

Putting on some extra pounds and Belly Fat is something that occurs to most married couples—and for a justifiable reason! You are more joyful, more agreeable and at a point in your life when you need to concentrate on different things than your physical appearance. What remains is you and your unsightly belly fat –  time for a reality check.Belly Fat - Time For A Reality Check

So you must ask yourself, can your weight be putting a damper on your sexual relationship?

I recently found an exceptional article in The Huffington Post entitled, “My Weight Ruined My Sex Life” by Kimanzi Constable in which he writes about the effects his weight gain (due to excessive junk food cravings along with a few other actors) wound up costing him sexual stimulation, pleasure, and his self-confidence, and eventually his marriage.

Uncontrolled weight gain and belly fat are not only undesirable, it can have a strong influence on your self-consciousness.

It’s important, nevertheless, that you keep in mind that it’s not your weight nor how you look that determine who you are or your values – that is an ideal you must work on regardless of your weight or appearance.

On the off-chance that you can identify with this, or you’re wanting to have a more clear perception into the mindset of your “better half”, Kimanzi Constable’s “My Weight Ruined My Sex Life” will be a wonderful read for you.

In The Meantime…

Peel back the layers by taking a long and hard look at yourself… Do you like what you see? Are you in your best shape ever or are you just playin’ down the fact that you’ve put on a few extra pounds – let’s be real here… too many extra pounds, particularly around the belly area? You are the keeper of your destiny so what better time than now to start rethinking what it is that’s holding you back from achieving your goals in life.

Shaking off those extra pounds and trimming inches off your belly is certain to require an extraordinary deal of effort on your part. You can’t sit on the couch watching TV munching on junk food and dream of being able to run a marathon.

Get the tips you need to get your health, fitness, and energy levels back on track, you can make it happen a lot sooner than you may think possible.

Check out this short 2-minute video for a Simple Japanese Technique to Trim That Belly Fast!

Refuse to approach one more day battling with your weight, when you can shed those ghastly pounds and slash inches off your belly.

Don’t let procrastination be the pitfall of your endeavor to reclaim your health and waistline.
Belly Fat - Time For A Reality Check


Junk Food Bingeing…

You know that there are no benefits to indulging in junk foods, they’re only bad for you… and only provide for belly fat. That’s why they’re referred to as “junk”.

Why Avoid The Junk Food Binge?

Although you do feel a quick rush of energy and craving satisfaction come from nibbling on sweets and chips, and drinking energy drinks, sodas, or coffee, they merely offer a short-lived stimulation boost of alertness and energy. You will find that as you consume these “junk foods” you will crave them more and more, which will only increase the frequency of your body crashing, and feeling restless and tired.

Belly Fat - Time For A Reality CheckFor a healthier lifestyle, both physical and mental, and longer lasting healthy energy, you should consider snacking on foods high in protein and fiber instead.  Not to mention that avoiding these (and other) junk foods will help keep those excess pounds off — help you rid yourself of that nasty belly fat. Not to mention, get you back into those stashed away jeans!

Here’s another quick tip to help you answer the crucial question, “Do I Want To Improve My Relationship With Myself?”

Uncover the True Motivations Behind Your Thoughts and Actions

Are you accustomed to doing things because you “have to” or to going along with others to satisfy the masses, even to the detriment of being deceitful with yourself concerning what you believe you really need to do? If so, you may find it hard to separate from your own particular motives for acting and those that are essentially forced on you by others.

Belly Fat - Time For A Reality CheckTo recapture your ability to get authentic with yourself, pinpoint your actual plan for completing an action — say, joining a dance class or going to a company party.

Is your driving force a direct view of what others anticipate you will have, or does your plan seem to be valid to whom you truly are?

It’s crucial that you make every attempt to ensure that you recognize the truthfulness behind your thoughts and behavior and move forward towards adjusting your actions in accordance with YOUR values and principles. This truthfulness is the only thing standing between you and your capacity to free yourself from the ties of duplicity encouraged by the need of satisfying others at the cost of sacrificing your own values and principles. It’s this weakness that prevents you from achieving your goals, be they financial, losing weight, finding the perfect partner… most importantly, finding yourself.

SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle

©2017 —  All rights reserved.

Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship

At one time or another, you are bound to find yourself in the midst of a Health, Wealth, or Romance (relationship) crisis – or a combination thereof – and left to wonder what if anything should or could you do.

So, what should or could you do?

The first thing that you need to do is realize and understand the correlation these three very important factors in your life,  Health, Wealth, and Romance have in common. Something too many people take for granted, isolating one from the other; hence, the only outcome, more often than not, is an escalation of a troubled relationship.

The solution, in all reality, is relatively simple – You must recognize the relationship between Health, Wealth & Romance as the whole of A Better LifeStyle. To quote Frank Sinatra, “You can’t (shouldn’t) have one without the other”.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship

It’s a cycle you should not even attempt to disturb, much less

Harmony and Balance

The degree of harmony and balance you maintain within Health, Wealth & Romance will be a determining factor in your lifestyle.

If you haven’t done this already… It’s Never Too Late!


Accommodate a proper healthy diet and exercise routine (doesn’t need to be every day nor strenuous).

Limit Fatty Foods

Keep a low-fat diet. Saturated fat such as fried foods, chocolate, cakes, and biscuits should not be a part of your regular diet. Unlike unsaturated fats, this fat is easily deposited as fatty tissue and will convert into cholesterol, causing your blood cholesterol level to go up, often to unsafe measures.

Reduce “Empty Calories”

Empty Calories are all those things you consume which are high in energy.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their RelationshipHowever good this may sound on the surface, this energy comes from things such as alcohol and sugary drinks and serves no benefit in the nourishment of your body – not to mention that this energy is also short-lived.

Consumed in “moderation”, these drinks may cause no real problem, however.

Eat Foods Rich in Calcium and Iron

Calcium: Essential for maintaining strong, healthy bones.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship– Seeds… Tiny nutritional powerhouses
– Cheese… Many are an excellent source        of calcium
– Yogurt… Excellent source of calcium
– Sardines and Canned Salmon
– Some Leafy Greens
– Whey Protein
– Beans and Lentils
– Almonds

Iron: Helps deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship– Liver
– Meat, fish, and tofu
– Wholegrains… Such as brown rice
– Dried fruit… Such as dried apricots,              prunes and raisins
– Iron-fortified breakfast cereals or …            bread
– Eggs

The Breakfast Myth Unfolded

Simply put – Don’t skimp on eating a good breakfast. A hearty breakfast will provide you the energy needed to push forward through your day at the office (or wherever you may work).

A Few Tips For Healthy Breakfasts:

– Fresh fruit, whole grain (bread or cereal)
– Rolled oats made with quick oats
– Toast with a thin spread of margarine (polyunsaturated or monounsaturated).
– A small glass of orange juice
– Yogurt (preferably plain) with some fresh fruit topping

You should Never ever underestimate the importance that a regular exercise routine, no matter how moderate, is to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Although most commonly defined in financial terms… It is better defined in terms of “the degree of happiness in your life (loved ones, friends, etc.). Health, Wealth & Romance - Their RelationshipNevertheless, financial “does” play a big role in accommodating for the other two aspects of Health and Romance. That’s why, “if” your goal is to achieve financial wealth, it’s essential that you find the right system – one that is time-tested and meets your needs and expectations. Just be aware of the many ill-intended “gurus” offering their less-than-complete systems; full of empty promises. Do your due diligence.


By far could be the most interesting, yet disappointing, and frustrating of the three.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship

However, what you want to keep in mind, whether man or woman, is that among the best practices to follow if you want to enjoy a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, are faithfulness & truthfulness. This piece of fact comes to you from 40+ years of marriage (yep, to the same amazing woman). When it comes to Romance the cards may very well always be on the table, so walk lightly… and whatever you do – if you yearn for loving relationship, adhere to the practice being faithful and truthful to that special person in your life.


SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle

PS: If you enjoyed this read, let me throw you a curve…

Check out this fun read ==>>


Want more great tips or advice for yourself or someone you care for…
Get your Free eBook

Full color and full of great Health, Wealth & Romance tips, advice, and videos links.

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6 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

Improve My Relationship With Myself - 6 Helpful Tips

Do I Want To Improve My Relationship With Myself?

You need to answer this question openly and honestly “With Yourself”.

The first step in moving ahead with any endeavor is being honest with yourself: Health – be it simply fitting into those old jeans or improving your posture, Wealth – whether financial or however else you may define wealth, or Romance – repairing a once perfect relationship. You must honestly answer the question “Do I Want To Improve My Relationship With Myself?”

With this in mind, consider the following 3 strategies you can use as a guide and carry out the task of honesty to yourself:

1. First Things First

Write it out – whether, on a piece of paper or a journal, it doesn’t matter… Just be true to yourself. Reflect on what have you been dishonest about in the various aspects of your life. Write either a statement or a question keeping in mind who it is you are addressing (that being “Yourself). Hence, your goal is to improve your relationship with “YOU”.

2. Don’t Be Limited To The Obvious – Dig Deeper

Fear is the biggest culprit of self-deception. Dig deep… deeper… a bit deeper. What is your greatest fear that holds you back from enjoying lasting and gratifying relationships or achieving your goals (weight loss is a tough one)? Is this fear concrete or just something created out of misguided perceptions?

Don’t allow fear to dictate who you are or what you should or shouldn’t do.

Weaving webs of deception require enormous amounts of energy and are not the healthiest thing you can do if you are to enjoy A Better LifeStyle… so Don’t!

Instead, focus your time and energy on solving the real problems at hand. You know, the ones you reflected on and jotted down on your list.

3. Stay Objective

Sugar-coating issues will not put you the path that will bear the results you need… Only honesty will do that for you.

4. Recognize The Good As Well As The Bad Within You

One habitual way we deceive ourselves is by overlooking the “imperfect” characteristics of our lives. Every now and then, it’s easier to look the other way and ignore issues instead of confronting them head-on.

Nonetheless, in all actuality overlooking issues throughout our life doesn’t solve them. It can even exacerbate the situation later on – in light of the fact that when we aren’t straightforward about our issues they can quickly become unmanageable. At that point what began as a trivial issue can turn into a considerably more concerning issue.

Speak openly and the truth about both the good and bad in your life. A level-headed conviction is a sound and sensible conviction.

5. Set Aside Time To ReflectImprove My Relationship With Myself - 6 Helpful Tips

Allow yourself 5-10 minutes to reflect on the events that transpired in your day. Ponder on questions such as, “How did things go today? What did I do well? How might I be able to have improved the situation?”

Be frank with yourself, yet avoid being disparaging or being overcritical. The objective isn’t to hurt your self-confidence, but rather, to take the particulars of the day and exploit them for a better tomorrow. Studies demonstrate that reflection assumes a key part of learning and critical thinking. In fact, when we give ourselves an opportunity to examine the experiences of our day, we can oftentimes leave with substantially greater knowledge and a clearer perception into how to enhance ourselves.

6.  Honesty Requires Daily Commitment

It’s important to understand and realize that “Honesty” requires daily commitment and practice – It is not something which one develops overnight, but rather, over time. The rewards being honest brings to one’s life more than compensate for the pains one may have to endure in the process.

All in all, there is no limit to what can be accomplished in life simply by practicing “Honesty”.

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Now What IMers?

want to have my own online Internet Marketing business and join the ranks of successful IMers but…

  • I can’t…
  • I don’t know…
  • I don’t understand…
  • I’m confused…
  • I’m so stuck…
  • I…

Well, I think you get it so… Now What IMers?

Now What IMers
Your Website Should Earn You Money… NOT Cost You Money.

Well, let me shed a little light on the above scenarios for which some of you hopeful IMers reading this may or may not have completed the sentence.

For all you IMers who are serious about building your very own profit-generating Internet Marketing business, and acquiring the elite status of Internet Marketers (IMers as I prefer to refer to “us”), to borrow the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Ours not to reason why ours but to do and die.” — Ah, sorry Alfred but your words of wisdom only partly apply to us IMers. As professional IMers we are bound to become natural doers – but must always, not only question the “Why” but learn, understand, and put to use the reasons “Why”.

Here’s the thing though, none of those concerns mentioned above have a leg to stand on. Instead, you should let your inquisitive-other take over and start putting to use the wonders of the simple yet very inquisitive (there’s that word again) adverb “HOW”.

Instead of the negativism of “I can’t…”,  try “How can I…?” for a change. Instead of “I’m so stuck…”, give “How do I…” a shot at it for a change. And, of course, this magical “How” will open doors of knowledge and opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

That’s all fine and dandy, you might say (quietly to yourself), but not knowing the “How” is exactly the reason I cling to that negativism. And hey, that’s very understandable – been there myself. So let’s venture and see what ideas pop up that will help you drift away from the “I can’ts…” to the “How can Is”.

Where To Start?

That’s an easy one… Your friendly internet search should be not only your first choice but most definitely your first thought. It isn’t much you can’t learn by going to this amazingly rich source of information. Heck, I completed a full six semesters of college – all but a math lab online. Of course, there’s no lack of poorly provided (to be kind) information, so “Be Aware”. Let’s not forget about all the “gurus” promising to share “their secret” to becoming wealthy.

So let’s clear the air before you go any further… YOU are the Only secret to your becoming wealthy – no one else (unless of course, you get lucky and have (financial) wealth handed to you on a silver platter). What are the chances of that happening? You be the judge!

Health, Wealth & Romance
The True Value of Creating Wealth

What is the true value of creating wealth and how does it really impact other aspects of your life and lifestyle? Read HERE what relationship wealth creation has to health and romance/relationships in general.

This brings me to my main purpose and goal for writing this article in the first place. I know, from personal experience that building an Internet Marketing business (much less one that is profitable) and becoming a full-fledged IMer is no walk in the park. The first obstacle you’ll face is that of building your own website to promote yourself and your products.

Just remember that “Your Website Should Earn You Money… NOT Cost You Money.”

Although for the most part, we no longer need to concern ourselves with writing or even understanding HTML code (I’m sure that by now you’re at least familiar with this “most dreaded” acronym) there are countless other hurdles and obstacles you will need to overcome. That will be when it’s most crucial that you put your inquisitive “How…?” to use… No fear… No Shame!

Let’s get back on track… Long story short, you need help and you need to have that help come from like-minded folks – other IMers. You also need, and this is very important and most important to your success, a system. But you shouldn’t and MUST NOT just settle for any system. You need to be able to work with a system that will work for You. One that is time-tested and that will take your needs, wants, and goals into full account.

Today you were blessed… I want to introduce you to exactly this type of system… No, I’m no “guru”, I’m just like you – maybe just a step or two ahead, still learning but more than willing to help any way I can.

But first, you need to be truthful with yourself and answer the following 5 simple questions:

  1. Am I ready to succeed?
  2. Am I committed to succeeding?
  3. Am I willing to abandon or ignore “all” negativism?
  4. Am I willing to apply the inquisitive power of “How…?”
  5. Last but not least… Am I ready for A Better LifeStyle?

Your website must consist of ALL winning elements necessary, from the domain name and hosting to content and layout and YES support…

What you are about to discover…

will provide you the help and resources you will need to succeed in creating Wealth… in creating A Better LifeStyle for yourself and your loved ones. It will provide you a step-by-step tutorial that will lead you to your goals. It will also include a community of like-minded IMers who are waiting for you, ready and willing to use their time and expertise to help ensure your success – myself included and other than to know you have a better chance to succeed, we benefit none. We hope and ask you do the same for someone as you learn and grow your Internet Marketing business and join the ranks of IMer (Internet Marketer).

Best of all, you can get a taste of all this for Free!

All you need to do now to begin that new phase in your life and take the journey into the world of IMers – Successful IMers – is to:

  • Make sure you have been honest with yourself in your answers to the 5 questions posted above…
  • Commit…
  • Take that ever so crucial first step and click on the link below
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Here’s a special gift for you…
Now What IMers?
Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship

Free eBook with tips & advice on Health, Wealth & Romance



SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle


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The Road to Achieving

Having achieved and accomplished an aim or objective…
How about?
The achievement of desired visions and goals…The Road to Achieving

Then There’s TED…
Feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect.

Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Yes, we’re talking about The Road to Achieving Success”. Striving towards achieving success in Health, Wealth & Romance is the best path to enjoying            A Better LifeStyle.

According to some, success is simply waking up in the morning with a smile on your face. While to others, it’s a measurement of one’s degree of happiness with their life (or lifestyle). Yet, some say it consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.

The list of thoughts and definitions of success is endless. Nevertheless, when it all comes down to it, there is only one way to define your success and that’s Your own way. The above definitions are unquestionable proof of that. One’s status in life, rich or not so, is virtually irrelevant. Like the saying goes, “One man’s rags are another man’s riches”.

Success need not, and should not, be defined nor limited by a person’s ability to obtain the material things he/she desires in life but rather by the degree of happiness achieved in their life through all three aspects of Health, Wealth  

The Road to Achieving
& Romance/Relationships.The Road To Achieving

It’s a choice, one for which You and Only You are responsible. You choose and decide what it takes to make YOU happy – no one else should do that for you.

Unfortunately, we live in an era where happiness alone will not feed you, nor pay your bills. It’s easy for those who have already achieved “their” (financial) goals in abundance to promote the idea that achieving financial success does not equate to happiness in life when what they should be offering is an encouragement to those who aspire to improve their lifestyle.

Success by any definition is a journey, one in which it is more likely to encounter difficulties and obstacles, beyond the imagination, than it is to experience gratification. Enough to destroy any hope of achieving even the smallest degree of realizing your dream for A Better LifeStyle. It’s not a journey you want to engage in if you’re not prepared mentally, physically, and equipped with the proper tools to undertake the challenges that lie ahead. It’s not a journey you wish to take if you lack the determination to pursue your dream without regard to failures you are almost certain to experience. It’s not a jaunt to embark on if you are not willing to “only” look back to learn from your mistakes and failures… not to have regrets.

The road to success is not for the undecided, the insecure, nor for the weak at heart; for chances are you will face many heartbreaking & lonely moments throughout your journey.

The Road To AchievingAre You Ready to Follow YOUR road to Achieving Success?

Prepare Yourself For Your Journey…
If You Are Serious About Achieving Success and A Better LifeStyle.

This Time-Tested System Will Guide You Through Your Journey…
But Only if You Follow it.

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SamMi C
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When’s Her Birthday?…

A Quick Tip…

What’s her favorite color, her favorite food, song, movie…? The list of things you want to make sure you know about her is endless.

However, the one thing I can bet you won’t get right is… When is Valentine’s Day?

Wait, did you say February 14?
Yep, you sure did. But why would you even begin to believe that you got it right? Could it be possible that that’s one (just one) of the reasons why your relationship has headed south and it doesn’t want you to follow? Let’s try once more, only this time be serious—give it a bit of thought (for your own sake)… When is Valentine’s Day?

Hey now, there you go, see I knew you’d get it right the second time, knowing “your own stake” had been put on the line. Of course, in her mind, every day should be Valentine’s day. That’s why you can always find flowers and an assortment of chocolates in every supermarket and department store… To remind you!

So now that that’s been cleared up, what are you waiting for? Why are you still here reading this (not that I don’t want you to keep reading)? You do want back in her heart—Don’t You? OK, so you don’t have to run off to get her choc or a flower bouquet but believe me as soon as you have an extra 5 in your wallet be sure that’s how you invest it.

Women are complicated…

This is common knowledge. In my 41+ years of marriage(ah huh, to the same girl), if there’s one thing I’ve come to decipher is that they just love their chocolate and can’t resist a surprise flower gift (even a single rose—or whatever her favorite flower may be will suffice).

Other than for my 4+ decades in a single marriage I make no claim of being a relationships expert. So I’ll leave the judging of my advice to you. Like I mentioned earlier “it’s your own sake that’s on the line”.

I will say this, though, if there’s still room in her heart for you there’s not a minute to be wasted.

You do want to keep in mind that although the flower(s) and chocs might be a “trailer pass” (meaning a short preview, just in case you didn’t get it) back into her life, the keywords that will seal the deal are “Confidence & Trust”. No matter how much (many) women like and want to hear sweet talk… They want to know that their “man” is confident and trustworthy.

With that thought in mind, make sure that your approach before, during and after portray you as “her” confident and trustworthy guy and not just some hopeful, wishy-washy, wannabe lover-boy that can’t deal with the loss of his sweetheart.

Armed and Ready

Now you are armed and ready… go make the kill —Not Literally. Show her that you care, that you do remember those important dates—especially Valentine’s Day, that you love her, that you miss her (remember, no wishy-washy stuff), and show her that you ARE “her” confident guy and one she can trust. Go do your thing… Don’t forget to come back and let me know how it goes.


SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle


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