The “Magic” to Win Her Back

Relationships are not always easy but then again neither is breaking up. So, now you know, after trying for some time, that getting the “love of your life” back isn’t just a walk in the park. Nevertheless, you’re not ready to throw in the towel and that, more likely than not, is what has led you here – your determination to get her back for good this time, and you ask yourself…

What will it take?… What IS the “Magic” to win her back?

You may believe, like so many do, that magic is something mystical and beyond understanding or explanation. On the other hand, you might well be in the group that sees magic as simply trickery of the eye and swiftness of the hand, for which of course there is always a solution.

Regardless of your view of what is magic – whether something enchanting or a mystery to be solved – I assure you, winning back the love of your life has nothing to do or is in any way influenced by supernatural maneuverings or magic tricks.


We need to give merit to the magic in some words (the Zip… the Zap. & the Zoom), which without fail may help.

The Zip

A “must have” for any lasting relationship. Could this “Zip” be what lacks in your relationship lately? Has the bottom suddenly fallen out of what was once going along so incredibly swell?


Has the flame of love been slowly fading in recent months? Have you spent time together enjoying a romantic dinner out? Then, of course, the all mighty magic of “the touch” – Can you recall the last time you found each other irresistible and couldn’t keep your hands off one another.

How can I put the Zip back in after the fact?

The Zap

You start by putting some Zip into your own life. Take a good hard look at yourself – not just a mirror look… A Real Look. Add some sparkle to your life, tidy-up your image a bit, add that needed boost to your confidence (gals love confident men). Revive the lively, energetic and active guy she once knew. Chances are that your actions will not go unnoticed, if not by design, you share a similar social circle – which will help drive her insane with curiosity.

Next, be aware of the shape you’re in – be sure to make it the best shape of your life. Can you shed a few pounds or ad a little tone? No better time than now to get on with it. Treat yourself to nutritious meals and plenty of water. This is the “magic” you’ve been searching for. Next time you cross paths (and you will – thanks to that close-knit social network you share) you want her to see the healthy and happy “YOU” she “likey” still longs for.

Don’t hold back…go ahead and do a little pining (you know – some yearning, longing, and what the heck, while you’re at it, show some regret – what can it hurt?). And just how much pining am I willing to do, you ask? Well, “this is where you need to get down to where the rubber meets the road”. In order to regain her love, you have to first regain her trust. She expects it and it will only make her the more curious to want to know why you’re feeling and looking so good – better than ever.

The Zoom

This is definitely Not the time to cave-in to grieving over her – instead promise yourself that you will live your best life with or without her. Don’t think of it as moving on with your life or giving up hope of getting her back. This is how you will show her that you don’t NEED her – while she, on the other hand, is, more and more, realizing just how much she needs you and can’t live without you.

Understand and acknowledge that relationships are not always easy but then again neither is breaking up. Open her eyes to the fact that you are making it without her and you’ll build the stepping stone to a healthy renewed relationship. Chances are in your favor that she will make the first move – leaving you with the simple task (the icing on the cake so-to-speak) of convincing her that rekindling the relationship was all her idea: That, my friend, is where the true “magic” lies.

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You Have The Capability to Be Successful – Here Is How…

There is most certainly no shortage of gurus who market their awesome “secrets” to become wealthy.  Although without question some of the information they offer is helpful, it usually falls short of offering a satisfactory set of methods that really matter for the average person to reach his/her personal goals to achieve wealth. It is risky, partial-truths and that’s not what most people require to become wealthy.

Refrain From The Cloak-and-Dagger Act

Recognize that You, and only You, are YOUR “secret” to great wealth and success. YOU must make the choices… YOU must make the decisions… and YOU must act on those choices and decisions. Then, and ONLY then, will the success you desire in your life be achievable.

Hold that thought and let’s work a bit on how you can put YOU to best use to reach your goals, be they better Health, achieving Wealth or improved Romance.

First Things First

As I have mentioned in previous articles, you need to recognize the relationship between Health, Wealth & Romance. To borrow from Frank Sinatra’s Love and Marriage song – “You can’t have one without the other”. Some may think they can and that’s where they are mistaken and go wrong. It ALL boils down to You – Your choices, Your decisions, Your actions. You can settle for a role as an actor or take the lead role of protagonist, however, it goes without saying that you really Must take on the role of producer in this so important story. Only then will you take control of YOUR life’s outcomes.

You Are The Target

Many wealth education programs being offered by “gurus”, whether online or offline, are nothing more than targeted collections of marketing tools and gimmicks (and You Are The Target), incomplete, discouraging and, much too often, will not lead to achieving personal financial success. What you need is to learn to put yourself in the game so that you can separate the beneficial systems and information from those meaningless ones.

What You Need:

• A way to distinguish between the beneficial and the meaningless systems-That suitable for YOUR needs and personal goals.
• How to build the foundation (personal and/or business): One with a Time-Tested Structure.
• How to locate a Time-Tested System for building your wealth… Must offer the best wealth building methods.

Attaining such knowledge puts you in the driver seat and on the right path to success – skip deceitful tools, “guru” gimmicks and trickery…

You must make the choices… You must make the decisions… & YOU must take action.It’s all up to You… It’s that simple and straightforward!

You are the “secret” to YOUR wealth building success – All else is only a vehicle… of which YOU Must be the driver.

• Marketing tools are just a mechanism – essential to wealth building – YOU are the causative factor.
• These tools alone are of little use if You don’t acquire the skills and have the motivation required to succeed.
• You need a comprehensive and meaningful system that provides a step-by-step wealth building blueprint.
• The “secret” of wealth creation is nothing more than Your choices… Your decisions… and Your actions.

Wealth Is Not Only a Financial Ideal

You determine what is “Wealth” to You based on Your own ethics, morals, beliefs, needs, wants and YOUR interpretation of Success.

But Why Not… Turn Your Passion Into a THRIVING Online Business?

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About SamMi C

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website I truly hope that the information provided will help you in your desire to enjoy A Better LifeStyle. Although on the surface it may seem like “just another Internet Marketing site”…

Believe me, it’s more, much more!

At SamMiCor we are committed to providing you with valuable information, tips and advice to help you achieve your goal of enjoying great Health, sufficient Wealth & lots of happy Romance… And of course, A Better LifeStyle physically and mentally.

The Who

Hi, I’m Sam Cordero, my friends call me SamMi C. I’m from Chicago, Illinois and lived in Sunny SW Florida for 16 years until 2016. Now retired, I currently live in Japan with my lovely wife of 41 years.

Mid-2016, I took to the internet looking for a simple online business that I could do from the comfort of my home – something I always had interest in but until then had not had the time for. I have to admit, it hasn’t been as “simple” as I had hoped – then again good things don’t come easy (well, not for some of us anyway).

Nevertheless, it has been an exciting and rewarding journey that guided me to an Internet Marketing System, where I believe to have found exactly what I was looking for… An opportunity to help others through a great time-proven system with great support and an awesome like-minded community… Hey! And let’s not forget the great opportunity for making money part!

The Why

Six months went by and I came to the realization that my real desire was not simply finding something online I could just fill the retirement gap with but rather find a way to use my many years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner both back home in the U.S. and here in Japan to help others who where looking for a way (or ways) to earn a living with an online business.

As I connected with other Internet Marketers I found that many, no matter how hard they tried, were not enjoying success nor gratification from their online business. Although I by no means consider myself an internet marketing guru, I came to the conclusion that what they lacked was a niche with a hungry audience and the marketing skills to promote themselves and their product. I knew this was a good focus for my own online business, while at the same time helping people work through various obstacles they may be encountering with their online business venture.

The How

Through repeated effort, research surveys, and money (lots of it) invested, I concluded that the niche(s) to focus on were Health, Wealth & Romance: three areas high on the list of “important” for many – And so SamMiCor – A Better LifeStyle came to be.

I can say with confidence and pride that SamMiCor has provided people with tips, advice, and strategies, as avenues for solutions to difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives in the areas of Health, Wealth & Romance. I look forward to providing you with the same quality services.

The SamMiCor motto is simple – A Better Lifestyle.

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