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About SamMi C

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website SamMiCor.com. I truly hope that the information provided will help you in your desire to enjoy A Better LifeStyle. Although on the surface it may seem like “just another Internet Marketing site”…

Believe me, it’s more, much more!

At SamMiCor we are committed to providing you with valuable information, tips and advice to help you achieve your goal of enjoying great Health, sufficient Wealth & lots of happy Romance… And of course, A Better LifeStyle physically and mentally.

The Who

Hi, I’m Sam Cordero, my friends call me SamMi C. I’m from Chicago, Illinois and lived in Sunny SW Florida for 16 years until 2016. Now retired, I currently live in Japan with my lovely wife of 41 years.

Mid-2016, I took to the internet looking for a simple online business that I could do from the comfort of my home – something I always had interest in but until then had not had the time for. I have to admit, it hasn’t been as “simple” as I had hoped – then again good things don’t come easy (well, not for some of us anyway).

Nevertheless, it has been an exciting and rewarding journey that guided me to an Internet Marketing System, where I believe to have found exactly what I was looking for… An opportunity to help others through a great time-proven system with great support and an awesome like-minded community… Hey! And let’s not forget the great opportunity for making money part!

The Why

Six months went by and I came to the realization that my real desire was not simply finding something online I could just fill the retirement gap with but rather find a way to use my many years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner both back home in the U.S. and here in Japan to help others who where looking for a way (or ways) to earn a living with an online business.

As I connected with other Internet Marketers I found that many, no matter how hard they tried, were not enjoying success nor gratification from their online business. Although I by no means consider myself an internet marketing guru, I came to the conclusion that what they lacked was a niche with a hungry audience and the marketing skills to promote themselves and their product. I knew this was a good focus for my own online business, while at the same time helping people work through various obstacles they may be encountering with their online business venture.

The How

Through repeated effort, research surveys, and money (lots of it) invested, I concluded that the niche(s) to focus on were Health, Wealth & Romance: three areas high on the list of “important” for many – And so SamMiCor – A Better LifeStyle came to be.

I can say with confidence and pride that SamMiCor has provided people with tips, advice, and strategies, as avenues for solutions to difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives in the areas of Health, Wealth & Romance. I look forward to providing you with the same quality services.

The SamMiCor motto is simple – A Better Lifestyle.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions feel free to leave them below, I will be more than happy to help you out.

SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle