Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship

At one time or another, you are bound to find yourself in the midst of a Health, Wealth, or Romance (relationship) crisis – or a combination thereof – and left to wonder what if anything should or could you do.

So, what should or could you do?

The first thing that you need to do is realize and understand the correlation these three very important factors in your life,  Health, Wealth, and Romance have in common. Something too many people take for granted, isolating one from the other; hence, the only outcome, more often than not, is an escalation of a troubled relationship.

The solution, in all reality, is relatively simple – You must recognize the relationship between Health, Wealth & Romance as the whole of A Better LifeStyle. To quote Frank Sinatra, “You can’t (shouldn’t) have one without the other”.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship

It’s a cycle you should not even attempt to disturb, much less

Harmony and Balance

The degree of harmony and balance you maintain within Health, Wealth & Romance will be a determining factor in your lifestyle.

If you haven’t done this already… It’s Never Too Late!


Accommodate a proper healthy diet and exercise routine (doesn’t need to be every day nor strenuous).

Limit Fatty Foods

Keep a low-fat diet. Saturated fat such as fried foods, chocolate, cakes, and biscuits should not be a part of your regular diet. Unlike unsaturated fats, this fat is easily deposited as fatty tissue and will convert into cholesterol, causing your blood cholesterol level to go up, often to unsafe measures.

Reduce “Empty Calories”

Empty Calories are all those things you consume which are high in energy.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their RelationshipHowever good this may sound on the surface, this energy comes from things such as alcohol and sugary drinks and serves no benefit in the nourishment of your body – not to mention that this energy is also short-lived.

Consumed in “moderation”, these drinks may cause no real problem, however.

Eat Foods Rich in Calcium and Iron

Calcium: Essential for maintaining strong, healthy bones.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship– Seeds… Tiny nutritional powerhouses
– Cheese… Many are an excellent source        of calcium
– Yogurt… Excellent source of calcium
– Sardines and Canned Salmon
– Some Leafy Greens
– Whey Protein
– Beans and Lentils
– Almonds

Iron: Helps deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship– Liver
– Meat, fish, and tofu
– Wholegrains… Such as brown rice
– Dried fruit… Such as dried apricots,              prunes and raisins
– Iron-fortified breakfast cereals or …            bread
– Eggs

The Breakfast Myth Unfolded

Simply put – Don’t skimp on eating a good breakfast. A hearty breakfast will provide you the energy needed to push forward through your day at the office (or wherever you may work).

A Few Tips For Healthy Breakfasts:

– Fresh fruit, whole grain (bread or cereal)
– Rolled oats made with quick oats
– Toast with a thin spread of margarine (polyunsaturated or monounsaturated).
– A small glass of orange juice
– Yogurt (preferably plain) with some fresh fruit topping

You should Never ever underestimate the importance that a regular exercise routine, no matter how moderate, is to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Although most commonly defined in financial terms… It is better defined in terms of “the degree of happiness in your life (loved ones, friends, etc.). Health, Wealth & Romance - Their RelationshipNevertheless, financial “does” play a big role in accommodating for the other two aspects of Health and Romance. That’s why, “if” your goal is to achieve financial wealth, it’s essential that you find the right system – one that is time-tested and meets your needs and expectations. Just be aware of the many ill-intended “gurus” offering their less-than-complete systems; full of empty promises. Do your due diligence.


By far could be the most interesting, yet disappointing, and frustrating of the three.

Health, Wealth & Romance - Their Relationship

However, what you want to keep in mind, whether man or woman, is that among the best practices to follow if you want to enjoy a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, are faithfulness & truthfulness. This piece of fact comes to you from 40+ years of marriage (yep, to the same amazing woman). When it comes to Romance the cards may very well always be on the table, so walk lightly… and whatever you do – if you yearn for loving relationship, adhere to the practice being faithful and truthful to that special person in your life.


SamMi C
A Better LifeStyle

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10 thoughts on “Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship”

  1. Very nice article and interesting, i understand and going through some of the thing you mentioned here. Some of your tips will be very useful to me and my family.thanks

    1. Thanx so much, Kalipi. It’s truly my heartfelt desire to be able to share with others what I have learned throughout my 41+ years of marriage. Nothing is perfect… but everything is how YOU make it.

      Wish you all the happiness you so deserve.

      SamMi C
      A Better LifeStyle

    1. Hey there, Christopher.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the read. Thanx for the “upbeat” comment, I needed that. I tend to think of myself as just a bit too laid back. Can’t wait for you to download my eBook and give me your opinion. I was trying to stay away from the more common one long page of reading material… Hope you enjoy it and that it provides you with some helpful info.

      Sorry I took a bit long with my reply, I just figured out that I need to check my email and approve incoming comments … You see, I’m no computer whiz lol.

  2. That is an interesting and intriguing tie-in to IM. Romance. Connecting IM to healthy relationships seems odd at first glance.
    After reading your description of the harmony of those three things in life I understand and it makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for the venn diagram. Great use of graphics.
    I agree with your assessment of wealth. Money shouldn’t be the only criteria but it is important.
    Wow 40 plus years with the same woman. Well done. You two must have an incredible relationship. I am on my third marriage. One lasted 13 years. The second lasted 22 years. This time I married my best friend.
    So being faithful and honest are the two big keys in your opinion? What about trust? Loyalty?

    1. Thanx Paul, your comments and thoughts are very important to me. I’m happy to hear that my interpretation of the relationship between Romance and IM makes some sense. It also pleases me to know that you appreciate the effort it has taken for my “attempt” at design.

      wereOur 40+ years – We always make up quickly after an argument or disagreement. Our younger son always thought we are “especially weird” (his words) for that. One minuter we argued, the next we were wondering where to go out to eat.Be careful with that though… it takes lots of practice and patience and good restaurants.

      WOW! 3 marriages… Don’t think I could handle a second. “…what you want to keep in mind, whether man or woman, is that the best practices to follow are faithfulness & truthfulness.” I believe that if one is faithful to his/her partner that is proof of one’s “loyalty” to that person. Likewise, truthfulness, in my mind brings forth that other crucial element in any relationship, “trust”. Of course, it’s not my intent to oversimplify something as complicated as “true love”, so in the hopes of being clear to that, I’d like to share with you what, as a young teenager, I was introduced to as the definition of love.

      Here goes (just promise not to laugh at me if it sounds a bit “corny”(for lack of better word):

      “Love is a feeling you feel when you feel you are feeling a feeling you never felt before”.

      Wishing you Success in Health, Wealth & Romance.

      SamMi C
      A Better LifeStyle

  3. I just love the part about relationships, and LOVE the picture of you and your wife 🙂 You both look so very happy and healthy. I totally agree, faithfulness and truthfulness are KEY. Absolutely essential. No relationship survives without them. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    1. Thanx for your comment, Jessica. I’m so pleased to know that you found value in this article.

      Also always remember that it’s not how few arguments/disagreements one has with her/his partner that makes for a lasting and loving relationship but, rather, how quickly one takes the correct action to resolve them (believe me, my wife and I have had our fair share).

  4. Thank you so much for this very valuable piece of information! It’s so true how the things you’ve mentioned all tie in together as one!

    To be wealthy is great, but if you do not have the other 2 (health and romance), it really will not be that important as we need each other in relationships, and health is of the utmost importance. Without it, we really cannot do much of anything that will give us great satisfaction in life.

    It was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to more great articles from you!!


    1. Hi Cathy.

      Thanx so much for your kind comment. I happy to know that you enjoyed the read and found some value in the importance and relationship that Health, Wealth & Romance share – as I see it.

      Wishing you a life of Health, Wealth & Romance.

      SamMi C

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