Does Wealth Necessarily Equal Success?

It is the nature of human beings to compare our circumstances with the next person. Are they better or worse off? Do they have a better or worse car, house, or bank balance? How often do we stop and ask ourselves if those things really matter? Why the constant chase after bigger and better things? Does wealth necessarily equal success or can one be successful and not have wealth?

Let’s take a closer look at wealth vs success.

That of course needs, and should be up to your own personal definition of what determines “wealth” as to what is “success“. Much too often, to our own defeat, it’s human nature to chase our desires without even really realizing why we do so, when instead, we should be asking ourselves if achieving these things will indeed make us happier? There must come a time when we simply need to pause and ask ourselves, does wealth necessarily equal success?

Working that 70 hour week might seem like a good idea come payday – but how does it feel in the moment? Is it truly worth having a few extra bucks at the end of the month if you are slaving your life away for someone else to profit? Surely, the point of being alive is to enjoy every moment… Is that how you feel when you are finishing a 16 hour day?

In fact, some of the happiest people you know probably have very little. Happiness doesn’t require a bank balance, you see – all that’s usually needed is a brief presence of a few of the people you love and that love you. So how about this approach for a change of pace, instead of working that 70 hour week for someone else, you start working it for yourself? Instead of clocking a 16 hour day for your employer, why not clock an 8 hour day and then spend the rest of the time working for your own benefit?

Does Wealth Necessarily Equal Success?
Does Wealth Necessarily Equal Success?

Heck, you could start an online consultation business using only a website and the knowledge you already have in your chosen field? Why not become an online content writer, provide others with that treasured knowledge you have accumulated, and start building your own business instead of fortifying someone else’s?

If you have but a smidget of interest in internet marketing you can put that inkling to work for you and turn it into a successful online business – become an Internet Marketer, aka IMer, and what’s the first step to doing so you might ask?  As they say, it’s at the click of your mouse… download your free copy of my Health,Wealth & Romance eBook, where you’ll find lots of tips and advice to help put you on a path to self- fulfillment. 

I know how hard and how terrifying it can be to ditch those twelve hour shifts and start making money for yourself – but I have done it, and I know others who have done it. By becoming an IMer you too can do it and be living your own life, in your own time, with your own chosen circumstances and A Better LifeStyle.

My completely free eBook on Health, Wealth & Romance/relationships will guide you through the areas of your life where you need guidance – because all of us need guidance at some point. Learning that success is measured by your individual values, and not only via a bank balance, is the first step to understanding how to create abundant wealth in all aspects of your life – including financial wealth, if that’s what you seek. Download it now, for free, it can help produce the changes and adjustments that will make your life complete and set you on a path to A Better LifeStyle in general!

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