Now What IMers?

want to have my own online Internet Marketing business and join the ranks of successful IMers but…

  • I can’t…
  • I don’t know…
  • I don’t understand…
  • I’m confused…
  • I’m so stuck…
  • I…

Well, I think you get it so… Now What IMers?

Now What IMers
Your Website Should Earn You Money… NOT Cost You Money.

Well, let me shed a little light on the above scenarios for which some of you hopeful IMers reading this may or may not have completed the sentence.

For all you IMers who are serious about building your very own profit-generating Internet Marketing business, and acquiring the elite status of Internet Marketers (IMers as I prefer to refer to “us”), to borrow the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Ours not to reason why ours but to do and die.” — Ah, sorry Alfred but your words of wisdom only partly apply to us IMers. As professional IMers we are bound to become natural doers – but must always, not only question the “Why” but learn, understand, and put to use the reasons “Why”.

Here’s the thing though, none of those concerns mentioned above have a leg to stand on. Instead, you should let your inquisitive-other take over and start putting to use the wonders of the simple yet very inquisitive (there’s that word again) adverb “HOW”.

Instead of the negativism of “I can’t…”,  try “How can I…?” for a change. Instead of “I’m so stuck…”, give “How do I…” a shot at it for a change. And, of course, this magical “How” will open doors of knowledge and opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

That’s all fine and dandy, you might say (quietly to yourself), but not knowing the “How” is exactly the reason I cling to that negativism. And hey, that’s very understandable – been there myself. So let’s venture and see what ideas pop up that will help you drift away from the “I can’ts…” to the “How can Is”.

Where To Start?

That’s an easy one… Your friendly internet search should be not only your first choice but most definitely your first thought. It isn’t much you can’t learn by going to this amazingly rich source of information. Heck, I completed a full six semesters of college – all but a math lab online. Of course, there’s no lack of poorly provided (to be kind) information, so “Be Aware”. Let’s not forget about all the “gurus” promising to share “their secret” to becoming wealthy.

So let’s clear the air before you go any further… YOU are the Only secret to your becoming wealthy – no one else (unless of course, you get lucky and have (financial) wealth handed to you on a silver platter). What are the chances of that happening? You be the judge!

Health, Wealth & Romance
The True Value of Creating Wealth

What is the true value of creating wealth and how does it really impact other aspects of your life and lifestyle? Read HERE what relationship wealth creation has to health and romance/relationships in general.

This brings me to my main purpose and goal for writing this article in the first place. I know, from personal experience that building an Internet Marketing business (much less one that is profitable) and becoming a full-fledged IMer is no walk in the park. The first obstacle you’ll face is that of building your own website to promote yourself and your products.

Just remember that “Your Website Should Earn You Money… NOT Cost You Money.”

Although for the most part, we no longer need to concern ourselves with writing or even understanding HTML code (I’m sure that by now you’re at least familiar with this “most dreaded” acronym) there are countless other hurdles and obstacles you will need to overcome. That will be when it’s most crucial that you put your inquisitive “How…?” to use… No fear… No Shame!

Let’s get back on track… Long story short, you need help and you need to have that help come from like-minded folks – other IMers. You also need, and this is very important and most important to your success, a system. But you shouldn’t and MUST NOT just settle for any system. You need to be able to work with a system that will work for You. One that is time-tested and that will take your needs, wants, and goals into full account.

Today you were blessed… I want to introduce you to exactly this type of system… No, I’m no “guru”, I’m just like you – maybe just a step or two ahead, still learning but more than willing to help any way I can.

But first, you need to be truthful with yourself and answer the following 5 simple questions:

  1. Am I ready to succeed?
  2. Am I committed to succeeding?
  3. Am I willing to abandon or ignore “all” negativism?
  4. Am I willing to apply the inquisitive power of “How…?”
  5. Last but not least… Am I ready for A Better LifeStyle?

Your website must consist of ALL winning elements necessary, from the domain name and hosting to content and layout and YES support…

What you are about to discover…

will provide you the help and resources you will need to succeed in creating Wealth… in creating A Better LifeStyle for yourself and your loved ones. It will provide you a step-by-step tutorial that will lead you to your goals. It will also include a community of like-minded IMers who are waiting for you, ready and willing to use their time and expertise to help ensure your success – myself included and other than to know you have a better chance to succeed, we benefit none. We hope and ask you do the same for someone as you learn and grow your Internet Marketing business and join the ranks of IMer (Internet Marketer).

Best of all, you can get a taste of all this for Free!

All you need to do now to begin that new phase in your life and take the journey into the world of IMers – Successful IMers – is to:

  • Make sure you have been honest with yourself in your answers to the 5 questions posted above…
  • Commit…
  • Take that ever so crucial first step and click on the link below
==>> Get Started for Free HERE…

Here’s a special gift for you…
Now What IMers?
Health, Wealth & Romance – Their Relationship

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